If you are an Hébert (last name) or if one of your ancestors (mother, grandparent, etc.) were of this surname (last name) then you are probably an Acadian-Cajun. If so, your ancestors lived in Acadie (Acadia) i.e. the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Their history of having to leave their homes and move to places such as Louisiana is part of your ancestry. Do you know your (their) story? If you wish to learn more about yourself then this association may be your best venue. We have many resources many resources starting with this website but also including a newsletter, genealogy database including genealogy databases of thousands of Héberts, gatherings of members and most important our members themselves. This networking of our membership can lead you to find your specific history. The only requirement to join is to be interested in the Hébert name and pay an annual dues of five dollars ($5.00) per address.