This organization is registered under the name L’Association des Hebert du Monde and goes by the name Hebert Association.

It was charted in 1997 in preparation for the Congre Mondial Acadian held in Louisiana in 1999. Many family associations were charted during this period. The purpose of these organizations was to bring people with ancestral ties to Acadia together through reunions and other activities. Many of these surname organizations, including the Hebert Association, are still active and continue to bring people together through gatherings and newsletters.

The Acadians have a very interesting but sometimes sad history. The first Acadians were brought to present day Nova Scotia from France in the early 1600s. Two Hebert brothers (Antoine & Etienne) were part of these original settlers (see- THE FIRST ACADIAN HEBERTS). Starting in 1755 the entire Acadian population was ethnic cleansed by the British. Forced to leave their beloved Acadie the expulsion took them to various locations along the Atlantic Ocean. The odyssey of each Hebert family and individual is a story to be told and passed on.

The Hebert Association tries to tell and retell these stories to members. In this way we can maintain and pass on the history of our surname to new members and to future generations.

Even though our focus is on Heberts of Acadian ancestry, we welcome all other people with an Hebert ancestral affiliation. Some people who have the Hebert surname may believe that their ancestors were from France and not know they have Acadian ancestry.


Most Acadian Heberts can trace their ancestry to two brothers, Antoine and Etienne Hebert. Even though Antoine and Etienne Hebert were not the first Heberts who came to the New World, they were the first to settle in Acadie Nova Scotia. They therefore are credited as being the first Acadian Heberts. Brothers Antoine and Etienne came to Acadie between 1740 and 1748. It is not known where in France they originated from or who their parents were. At one time it was believed that they were children of Jacques Hebert and Marie Juneau from Touraine, France. However, this was proved incorrect after further investigation of the documents. The name listed was Habert and not Hebert. This has been confirmed by the renowned historian and genealogist Stephen White from the University of Moncton. French genealogists Jacques Nerrou and Gerard-Marc Braud concur with Mr. White. Dispensations for marriages between descendants of Antoine and Etienne prove that they were indeed brothers.

Antoine Hebert was born in either 1614 or 1621. The censuses of 1671 and 1686 show conflicting information as to his age. He married Genevieve LeFrance probably in France. Genevieve was born in either 1606 or 1613. Again the census information shows conflicting ages for Genevieve. The birth of their first child, Jean, in 1649 in Port Royal probably means that they arrived in Acadie closer to 1649 than 1641. Even though they only had three children, they have many descendants to carry on their line. According to the 1671 census of Port Royal, Antoine was a cooper and was 50 years old. In the 1686 census of Port Royal Antoine was 72 years old. Neither Antoine nor Genevieve LeFrance was listed in the census of 1693. We assume that they died before 1693.

Etienne Hebert was born about 1630 in France. He came to Acadie at the same time as his brother Antoine. Since their first child was born in 1651, Etienne and Marie Gaudet probably married about 1650. Etienne died around 1670 at about 40 years of age. His widow Marie Gaudet is listed in the 1671 Acadian census at Port Royal with a child who is one year old. Genealogist Bona Arsenault lists Etienne’s occupation as a laborer or farmer. Etienne and Marie had 10 children; 5 boys and 5 girls who carried on as Etienne’s descendants.