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Historical fiction takes place in the past. The setting is drawn from history, and often contains historical persons. Writers of stories of this type of  work  portray the manners and social conditions of the persons or times presented in the story, with attention paid to period detail.

The places, dates and historical figures such as governors, leaders of the military, etc. are real.  The heroes and heroines may also be real or can be fictional but the story that is woven for the most part is only fiction.

So why read these fictional books?  Most of the stories are touching and have insight in to what our Acadian ancestors went through. It is a way to learn the history of Acadians without reading the dry history books which go into great detail for the purpose of documenting the events.

Jeanne Dugas of Acadia – The story of Jeanne Dugas and her family tells the plight of the Acadian people who tried to stay in Acadie
by Cassie Deveau Cohoon

Home at Last an Acadian Journey -An Acadian family is forced to leave Nova Scotia and is relocated to Maryland and then to Louisiana.  This is a good book for middle school and high school students but is also enjoyable for adults.
by Ollie Porche Voelker

The Scattered – Thirty years of exile, a lifetime of loss, the triumph of a simple man.  A story of the Acadians who were sent to Virginia but not allowed to land, sent to prisons in England for 6 years, then to France for over 20 years and finally to Louisiana.
by Richard Holledge


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