Joseph dit Pepin Hebert

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Joseph dit Pepin Hebert  was  the first Hebert (H) of his line to arrive in Louisiana.   If you have him in your lineage then you have many cousins in our Hebert Association.  Because of the deportation he was imprisoned with his father (Benony)  and others on Georges Island off the shore of Halifax.  It has been written that some of these prisoners were paid to operate the farms from which they were deported.  This was how they obtained money to pay for their voyage ultimately to Louisiana after the war ended.

Joseph dit Pepin Hebert was not the only child of Benony H. to arrive in Louisiana at that time. Other children were Theotiste , Jean Charles, Louise, and Francoise.

Another Hebert was the elderly Jean Baptiste dit Corbit H who married the young  Theotiste.  Also arriving were Marie Claire Robichaud (widow of Jean Bapiste dit Manuel H) with her son Joseph H and his wife Francoise as well as Pierre H and his son Prosper Sebastian H.   Most of these people settled originally in Attakapas.

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