Who was your ancestor who first arrived in Louisiana?

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Many of you know your lineage.  You now have a “backbone” structure on which to build.  Build what  you might ask?  Your specific history (his-story)!  The Acadians, from which all blood Cajuns are derived, arrived in Louisiana after their odyssey from deportation from Nova Scotia (Acadia).  Some were deported to the British colonies such as Maryland, Georgia, etc.  Some were sent to prison in Halifax (specifically Georges Island) and to England when the latter were refused by Virginians.

Others were sent to France and resided there until being transported to Louisiana on the Seven Ships of 1785.  Many of our Hebert Association members know where the persons listed in their lines were at these various time periods.  Do You?  We may be able to help!  Why?  Many of you have the same line (people) as us during that time period (1764-1785).  Many of our members are very knowledgeable about the specific stories of their specific ancestors and many of you have these same ancestors!  So if you share lineages then the next step is to share stories.  Go for it!  Keep sending us your lineages and/or your stories.

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